28 February

Parish Newsletter for St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
February 28, 2022
Calendar Reminders
    Feb 28
Mar 2
Mar 5
6:00 pm NA Meeting, Educ. Wing
7:00 pm Ash Wednesday Svc. 9:30-11:30 am AA Meeting 10:15 am Holy Eucharist, with
Mar 6
Rev. Suzanne Barrow. On Facebook Live: https://www.facebook.com/StPaulsJeff/live_ videos/
  Mar 13 9:00 am Vestry Meeting
Collect for First Sunday in Lent (March 6th)
Almighty God, whose blessed Son was led by the Spirit to be tempted by Satan: Come quickly to help us who are assaulted by many temptations; and, as you know the weaknesses of each of us, let each one find you mighty to save; through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever. Amen.
The Lessons: Deuteronomy 26:1-11; Romans 10:8b-13; Luke 4:1-13; Psalm 91:1-2, 9- 16
Hymns: H82 147 Now Let Us All With One Accord; H82 529 With Christ There is no East or West; LEVAS 187 vs. 1 & 4 Farther Along We’ll Know All About It

Prayers of the People:
I ask your prayers for God’s people throughout the world; for our Bishops Michael, Jennifer, and Mauricio; for this gathering; and for all ministers and people. In our diocesan cycle of prayer, we remember St. Paul’s, Evansville--The Rev. Holly Rankin Zaher.
Pray for the Church.
I ask your prayers for peace; for goodwill among nations; and for the well-being of all people. Pray for justice and peace.
I ask your prayers for the poor, the sick, the hungry, the oppressed, and those in prison; and we especially pray for Lois, Virginia, Juanita, Gwen, Mary Sue, Delani, David & Michele, Robert, and Charles.
Pray for those in any need or trouble.
I ask your prayers for all who seek God, or a deeper knowledge of Him. Pray that they may find and be found by Him.
I ask your prayers for the departed. Pray for those who have died. Silence
Praise God for those in every generation in whom Christ has been honored. Pray that we may have grace to glorify Christ in our own day.
Almighty and eternal God, ruler of all things in heaven and earth: Mercifully accept the prayers of your people, and strengthen us to do your will; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
NEXT SUNDAY (March 6th): Holy Eucharist will be led by Rev.Suzanne Barrow. It will be live and in person at St. Paul’s, and on Facebook Live: https://www.facebook.com/StPaulsJeff/live_videos/
Please join us, during and after the service in the Parish Hall for coffee hour. Also, check YouTube for videos of past services: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCynD2CNlCMbJ5YOb1Euce5Q.

Don’t forget—the little red wagon is waiting to be filled with food donations for the Center for Lay Ministries! Please note that the wagon has been moved to the Parish Hall entrance, on your left as you enter.
WE NOW LIST the hymns for the following Sunday on the front page of the Gabriel, so that you might familiarize yourself with them ahead of time. If you don’t have an instrument to play them at home, try searching YouTube for a video of the ones you don’t know. Let’s fortify our Sunday morning music experience!
LICENSED LAY EUCHARISTIC MINISTERS, Dennis and Charlene McAndrews, remain ready and eager to bring communion to any who are unable to be present at Sunday services. Whether you regularly attend Sunday service but cannot get here for any reason on a given Sunday, or you are homebound and would like to have the Eucharist brought to you once, or on a regular basis, please contact Marylee at the church office: 812-282-1108, or stpaulsjeff@gmail.com .
Virginia Bushau reminds us that she is making capes and muffs or mittens for those who are in need. If you know any person or organization in need, please let us know at the church office by phone or email, and we will get the information to her.
MANY THANKS for your continued faithful responses to the need for funds. PARISH OFFICE HOURS: MTWF 10am to 4:30pm Th 10am to 1pm.
If you have something you’d like to add to the next newsletter (including a brief update on what you and/or your family have been doing since last we met together), please email the team at stpaulsjeff@gmail.com by Sunday afternoon. Please put “newsletter” in the subject line.
Work continues and now includes the opposite side of Walnut Street, and our parking issues remain.
E. Market Street remains closed between Locust Street & Main Street. Work will be taking place in the intersection of Walnut/E.Market, Meigs/E.Market, and Fulton/E. Market. Traffic will be detoured to E. Maple Street.
You will be kept informed of any additional information we receive.

LAUGH FOR THE DAY submitted by Jim Stanton, from bulletin bloopers in other churches. It’s nice to see we are not the only ones making mistakes!!
Scouts are saving aluminum cans, bottles and other items to be recycled. Proceeds will be used to cripple children.
Volunteers Wanted:
For St. Paul’s FIRST ANNUAL Mother’s Day Brunch.
If you are interested in Cooking, Serving, Planning, Decorating,
or all the above.........
Call or Text Dennis McAndrews @ (502)439-3455 AND/OR Attend the Planning Meeting Thursday, Feb. 24th at 7:30 pm
In the Parish Hall